We are full stack marketers, with a speciality in strategy and execution on overall demand generation, using both unbound and outbound strategies. We're fortunate
to work with some top traditional e-commerce companies as well as CBD companies.
Let's see what we can help you with!
We always make progress and develop our skills.
Here're some of the things that we can do for you!
Email marketing
No matter your ESP (email service provider), we have you covered. From content creation to execution, refinement and design.
Targeting Influencers
ROI-positive activities with outreach to hundreds if not thousands of mid-tier influencers with real conversion potential.
Paid Acquisition
From typical networks like facebook and instagram, to niche networks for highly targeted audiences, we will fit the right strategy to your goals and budget.
So much more
There's no magic bullet to growth. It takes focus, obsession and a knowledge of every channel.
If you want to learn more about our marketing services as well as our pricing, please fill out the form a bit further down the page, and we'll gladly share our deck with you. Our CBD deck includes all our services offered with straightforward and transparent pricing, as well as a couple case studies from brands we work with.
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