5 ways to deal with anxiety
Even the best of us can have tendency to overthink and face anxiety. Here're some tips that might help to deal with it.
1. Meditate and breathe

Meditation is one of the surest ways to cope with psychological instability. To find out how effective it is for anxiety conditions, researchers at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore conducted 47 clinical trials involving 3,517 people. The results of the eight-week practice of mindfulness meditation were extremely optimistic: the manifestations of anxiety and depression in the subjects became less intense.

2. Specify

Anxiety is accompanied by a sense of uncertainty, so leading questions can help you. Here is a step-by-step guide that can help you manage your anxiety:
– Determine which outcome of the situation scares you the most by asking yourself specific questions.
– Make a statement from this question.
– Ask yourself if this situation has happened before.
– Based on the second question, determine the probability of such a development.
– Try to write a detailed plan of action — seeing what can happen next, you will get rid of one of the main causes of anxiety — a sense of uncertainty.
Charlie Chaplin
Nothing is permanent in this wicked world
— not even our troubles.

3. Watch out for sleep mode

Healthy sleep is the key to normal functioning of the adrenal glands, which are responsible for the level of cortisol in the body. In addition, you will feel calmer and will be able to respond adequately to trigger situations.
4. Think about exposure therapy

A complex but effective way to deal with increased anxiety works by bringing you face-to-face with a situation that causes stress and anxiety. This method of dealing with anxiety implies your readiness and relative stability of well-being, otherwise exposure therapy can lead to a "fight or flight" reaction that makes the situation worse. Keep in mind that you should not ignore triggers that activate anxiety, whether it is driving a car or speaking in public. On the contrary, you will escalate the stress state for as long as it takes to see that nothing terrible is actually happening.
5. Try 100% Swiss & Organic CBD

While the consumption of cannabis products containing THC usually has a mind-altering (colloquially also "high") effect, CBD has a calming effect on the body and therefore has no psychoactive properties. CBD help with food regulation, fine motor skills, orientation and sensory perception. Products made from CBD, for example CBD oil, also contain vitamins such as B1, B2 and E, proteins and various minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, copper, iron, sodium, phosphorus and zinc. You can try out Alpinols that will provide you with an oil that promises a full spectrum of ingredients.